“Forget”, performance. 10 drawings and photocopies, 2016

ana garcia-pineda
“26 minutes, 34 seconds and 48 microseconds”, 76 B/W photocopies and an ink and coloured pencil on paper drawing, variable measures, 2016

“Forget” is a performance that revolves around our memories and talks about the frustration of not being in control of what we remember and what we forget.

ana garcia-pineda

The only documentation of this performance are 10 drawings and a lot of photocopies.

I draw the most painful memories of my life and made photocopies. I photocopied again each photocopy and carried on until the drawing disappeared. I measured the time needed and entitled each series* (the drawing and its photocopies) using the minutes, seconds and microseconds that took me to make the drawing disapear.

ana garcia-pineda
21 minutes, 6 seconds and 8 microseconds, 64 B/W photocopies and an ink and coloured pencil drawing, variable measures, 2016

“Forget” is a tribute to my grandmother who died of Alzheimer’s and takes advantage of the resolution loss of the photocopying process as well as the displacement error common in all photocopy machines to make an analogy of forgetting.


*18’59’’01’’, 18’36’’36’’’, 26’34’’48’’’, 28’32’’37’’’, 31’56’’24’’’, 20’18’’70’’’, 21’6’’8’’’, 13’27’’20’’’, 17’42’’51’’’ y 19’43’’45