The blues

Vienna, 2018. Pic by Kati Bruder

“The blues” is a journey through biology, religion, etymology … Where I share personal memories related to the history of my family and where I come from: the last street in Sabadell. Where the periphery is really peripheral.”The blues” speaks of tonalities, colors, nations, uprooting and loss of cultural identity.The narrative has traditionally been used to transmit knowledge, entertain and establish ethical, moral and cultural values. This format fulfills my main objective: to offer an inclusive, acute and fun reflection about our world and how we interact.


A scenario activated by storytelling.

Performance, 15′. Painting on ceramic, clay, corn, balloons, half full glasses and a bunch of blue stuff

When I was a child, I was told that I could paint the sea and the sky using blue.

But water doesn’t paint in blue.


At night, the sky is black, the sea is black.

Black is always black, even during daytime